Began by Pete Church, a free thinking minister and musician, who recently retired as an Army Chaplain. He is also an accomplished Olympic style competitive weightlifter.

The Upper Room Recording Studio has been a labor of love, built from the ground up over the last twenty years, evolving into a AVID HD DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with Pro Tools as the core of the studio.

Combine an experienced recording engineer, versatile and well-trained musicians, state of the art equipment, and the result will be a recording that you'll not only be thrilled with, but can stand up to the quality of many current releases!

The Upper Room Recording Studio has everything for your personal Music Production and Independent CD Releases.

The Studio features Pro Tools HD, with the latest and greatest world class plug-ins.


Pete has been in the Air Force, the Army, has been a teacher, Pastor, Coach, Chaplain, Mechanic, and Three-Time Florida Olympic Weightlifting Champion. But through it all, Pete has always been a singer/songwriter. He write of life, love, heartache, and hope from rock to country to folk.


Check out Pete's most recent music at BROADJAM


Studio Rates

The Upper Room Recording Studio can provide a competitive quote to suit the size and budget of your project. Cost is $20 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. Please contact us to discuss your needs. We can even do mixing and mastering through the mail or Internet!

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